Celebrating 6 Years Strong!

Posted on August 14 2016

6 Year Anniversary

On August 14, 2010 I opened the doors to SBB. Never would I have thought in a million years that by doing that I would change my life along with others, forever! Soon after, I gave a sit down interview about how a small town girl from Mississippi expanded a small company into a multinational market. 

I give all glory to God because without Him NOTHING is possible. I would also like to thank my team because without them coming into my life at a time I REALLY needed them then there would definitely not be a SBB. 

I would also like to thank my family & friends for supporting me & listening to all of my mini breakdown stories. 

Love you guys XOXO,

Sonya Bee


P.S. --- The pic in the top left with my sign I made, would fall off that easel every 15 minutes and I would have to walk outside and pick that bad boy up every time it would fall. Thank God for change!

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